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Welcome to HIIT Lab



In under an hour, we lead you through full body strength and heart rate raising cardio to maximize your limited time. You’ll start with a focused warm-up and end with a rewarding stretch to lock in all that great work.

The Workout



Our instructors guide you through workouts that are always varied and give you personal adjustments to ensure you achieve your best form. You’ll leave every workout feeling accomplished and floating on endorphins.

Meet your instructors



We’re proud of what we’ve built and excited to share it with you. You won’t find any sneaky contracts, heavy sales pitches or gimmicks here. We want to celebrate your successes six months from now, not just sign you up for the next six weeks.

Hear from real people

Our Workout

Covid Style

We’ve got you covered! We’ve adapted our workout to a safely distanced 50% outdoor/50% indoor session and even added a shelter to keep you (mostly) dry outside. The biggest benefit is leveraging our amazing equipment to keep workouts varied and challenging, think dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX straps and more.

We also reduced our capacity to just 14 people max to ensure everyone has plenty of space. There’s always the option to get your cardio done outside on a spin bike or run a couple loops around the block. Whatever you choose, you’ll build strength, get your heart rate up, and enjoy an endorphin high for the rest of the day!

Treat yourself and invest 50 mins being 100% focused on yourself and your health. Just bring your own mat and water, and we supply the rest. Equipment is not shared and it all gets sanitized between classes. And be sure to layer up as you’ll definitely still get a good sweat while outdoors. As they say in the PNW, there’s no bad weather just bad gear.


Our Space

Top-of-the line equipment in a clean, sleek, ventilated space is how we roll.

A hallmark of our workouts are state-of-the-art Woodway treadmills which are known for a more comfortable and low impact running experience. Even self-proclaimed non-runners love running with us!

Our showers are private and separated so they are available for your use after class. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels are all provided so you don’t have to lug around your bathroom the rest of the day.

Our PlayCare area is closed until kids under 12 can be vaccinated.

Our Instructors

We do not wake up like this.

For that look, come see us at 5am. But regardless of what time you come to class, we’re here to help you dig deep and find your best self.



Hometown: Menlo Park, CA Favorite pizza: Anything but pineapple and green bell peppers! Can't pay me to eat: Oysters and mango, but only because I'm allergic. (Womp womp.) Favorite vacation: Hawaii for the beaches. Paris for the food! Go-to Quote: Always remember that you are stronger than you know.


Hometown: Kennewick, WA Favorite pizza: All Can't pay me to eat: Pears Favorite vacation: Anywhere with sun (or Son....get it?!) Go-to Quote: That's what she said.


Hometown: Seattle, WA Favorite pizza: Pepperoni Can't pay me to eat: Anchovies Favorite vacation: Maui Go-to Quote: When they go low, we go high.


Hometown: Bellevue, WA Favorite pizza: Pizza with ALL the cheeses!  Can't pay me to eat: Any sort of casserole.....ewwww Favorite vacation: Anywhere there’s sun!  Go-to Quote: You do YOU!!!


Hometown: Columbus, OH Favorite pizza: Pepperoni and mushroom Can't pay me to eat: Peas Favorite vacation: Too many places to see to pick a favorite. Fun fact: I played roller derby with Ohio roller derby then the Honolulu derby league for nine years! Go-to Quote: Just Do It.


Hometown: Sacramento, CA Favorite pizza: Pepperoni black olives Can't pay me to eat: Black licorice Favorite vacation: Bali or New York Go-to Quote: observe. accept. release. transform


Hometown: Detroit, MI Favorite pizza: Deep Dish! Can't pay me to eat: Insects! I don't care if they're deep fried or covered in chocolate! Favorite vacation: Kauai, Hawaii last year for our 10 Year Anniversary!! Go-to Quote: If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.


Hometown: Bellevue, WA Favorite pizza: Prosciutto and arugula Can't pay me to eat: Less. Which is why I love HIIT Lab! Favorite vacation: I've never met a vacation I didn't like. Mountains, beach, adventure, travel...I'll take them all! Go-to Quote: No friends on a powder day!!


Hometown: Seattle, WA Favorite pizza: Delfino’s Spinach Deep Dish Can't pay me to eat: I will gladly take your money and try anything once! Favorite vacation: Australia Go-to Quote: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.


Hometown: Federal Way, WA Favorite pizza: NO cheese, then pepperoni, mushrooms and Mama Lil’s peppers. Can't pay me to eat: Cheese. Any kind of cheese. Favorite vacation: Hanalei, Hawai'i Go-to Quote: The true test of a person’s character is what they do when no one is watching.


Hometown: Vashon Island, WA Favorite pizza: Plain cheese Can't pay me to eat: Rhubarb Favorite vacation: Ometepe, Nicaragua Go-to Quote: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.


Hometown: Seattle, WA Favorite pizza: All the meats. Can't pay me to eat: Cantaloupe Favorite vacation: Bend, Oregon Go-to Quote: Let it be.


Hometown: Baldwin City, KS Favorite pizza: Ummmm, anything? Pizza = life. Pepperoni is best though! Can't pay me to eat: I mean, how much are we talking here?! Favorite vacation: Florence, Italy Go-to Quote: Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods.

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