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A workout you actually want to do. And it WORKS!

Reach your potential at the best HIIT studio in West Seattle.

High Intensity

A smarter, more efficient workout with a built-in support group. That is what’s in store for you at HIIT Lab. Whether you’re just starting out, have taken a hiatus, or looking for a new way to go full throttle, we’ll help motivate you to move better than you ever have. Oh, and we make it fun. For real.


Get ready for short burst intervals alternating with rest periods to earn amazing cardiovascular and muscle toning changes. All you need to do is show up. We have the jams to pump you up and the coaches to inspire you. Going to that fatigue zone is where you’ll really see the results. And results you will see. Pinky swear.


You may end up in a love-hate relationship with our instructors but all those squats and push-ups are means to an end. Your goals are our goals and we’re here to guide you, regardless of your fitness level. We can’t wait to help you reach your peak, one step at a time. Even the baby steps count.

Lets move more. Like a lot more.