West Seattle just got a little intense. In a good way.

Test your strength and endurance at HIIT Lab,
your High Intensity Interval Training ground in the heart of West Seattle.

Let's work smarter and harder. Together.

Test your superpowers during HIIT Lab’s 60-minute workout.

Our space

The studio is shiny and new, and begging you to fill it.

High Intensity

A smarter, more efficient workout with a built-in support group. That is what’s in store for you at HIIT Lab. Whether you’re just starting out, have taken a hiatus, or looking for a new way to go full throttle, we’ll push and motivate you to move harder than you ever have. Oh, and we make it fun. For real.


Don’t worry; we have the jams to move to and the coaches to inspire you. It’s all about pushing yourself as hard as you can in short burst intervals to earn cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits. Going to that fatigue zone is where you’ll really see the results. And results you will see. Pinky swear.


You may end up in a love-hate relationship with our superstar coaches. But those endless squats aren’t mean spirited, we’re just training your body to do some crazy things in one highly focused hour. We’re here to guide you regardless of your fitness level, from uncomfortable to unimaginable results!

Lets move more. Like a lot more.