More Fun. More Focused.

With inspirational instructors, low lighting, and rocking music, you’ll find your strength here at HIIT Lab that will last way beyond our doors.

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Our Instructors

We’re motivational speakers in a sense, trying to squeeze the best out of you in the allotted 60 min class time. You’ll get tons of energy from your fellow compadres in class, while gaining the knowledge and feedback of a personal training instructor. We can’t wait to start helping you reach your goals!

Our Space

Brand spankin’ new to West Seattle, this space was designed to inspire you, with some creature comforts sprinkled in. We want you to have the best workout, yearning to come back for more. With lockers to keep your stuff safe, fresh towels, state of the art equipment, and a welcoming staff, we’re ready for you!

Our Workout

Get ready to work hard whether it’s your first time on a treadmill or your billionth. We’ve got treadmills, bikes, kettle bells, TRX™ and a few other tools in our arsenal to help you achieve greatness. Muscle groups and even workout segments vary throughout the week so no class is ever the same. Let’s do this!

You’ve got this!