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Advance Reservation Policy

Reservations are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations can be made online via ZenPlanner and may be made up to two weeks in advance and up to 15 minutes before class begins.

Class Attendance

All first-time students must fill out a liability waiver prior to participating in the HIIT Lab. First time students are asked to show up to their first class 10 min prior to start of class. All students must arrive at least 5 mins prior to the start of class. Late arrivals can really throw a class off so a $5 fee is incurred if you arrive late to class. 

Class Cancellation Policy

We now have a 10-hour cancellation policy for all classes.

Early Cancel: An Early Cancel is any cancellation (online or by phone) that occurs more than 10 hours prior to class. There is no charge for an Early Cancel.

Late Cancel: A Late Cancel is any cancellation less than 10 hours previous to class time. A $10 fee is incurred for Late Cancel.

No Show: A $15 fee is incurred for anyone who is unable to cancel their reservation within 10 hours prior to class or does not show up for class. If you have a class pack, that class will go back into your account.


If the temp is 32-degrees or warmer, class is still a go! 
Below 32-degrees out, your instructor will make the call. You will receive a text within an hour of class if class in CANCELED.If you do not receive a text, class is still a go!
Regardless of temp, SNOW = NO CLASS! Consider it nature’s way of telling you to take a rest day.😉


Membership Policy

All class packs and memberships may be purchased online via email or through ZenPlanner. All classes must be purchased prior to participation in class. We accept MC, Visa, and American Express. If payment for services cannot be processed when due, services or privileges may be suspended or terminated.

Discounted rates available for students, military, teachers, firefighters and policemen/women. MUST show valid ID. All discount codes, promotions and referral programs must be presented at the time of purchase for them to be applied to a membership. All class fees, future prices, discounts and promotions are subject to change.

Class packs are shareable with members of the same household.

Memberships are non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-shareable.

For membership cancellations, email: at least 5 days prior to the next billing date.

Health Requirements

Please make sure to check with your primary care physician to make sure that you are healthy enough to participate in HIIT Lab classes. All participants must complete the online liability waivers via ZenPlanner before participating in a HIIT Lab class.

If you know and love/hate the Woodway treadmills indoors for Cardio work, you must be verified as vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated (or just prefer not to go inside) you have the option to jump rope, run outdoors or use a spin bike outdoors. Please send a photo of your vaccination card to: to verify your vaccination and have it on record at HIIT Lab.


Set, Go!

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Stronger Together SOLIDARITY Fund

We believe everyone deserves the right to fun, effective workouts — regardless of their income/wealth level.

To expand access, we have created a Solidarity Fund to sponsor community members who are unable to afford the cost of a membership. This initiative is funded by current HIIT Lab members and all donations over $50 are matched by HIIT Lab. Together, we can create more equity in our community as well as sweat and bond through deadlifts, hill sprints & burpees!

APPLY: If a membership is financially inaccessible to you, just fill out this quick form to apply for the Solidarity Fund.

CONTRIBUTE: Our commitment to solidarity and justice means now is the time for all of us, who are able, to pitch in. If you would like to support this fund ($50+ matched by HIIT Lab!), please consider contributing via our Venmo link.

Thank you for showing your support for our community. We are always stronger together!