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Test your superpowers during HIIT Lab’s 50-minute workout. You’ll run, squat, jog, lift, cycle and maybe even dance a little, all while strengthening your heart, burning tons of calories and building muscle.

Half the class begins with cardio on a treadmill or spin bike, while the other half is rockin’ some strength training. Then you switch it up. Our class of up to 24 people allows the instructor to ensure you are doing everything right.


Feeling intimidated? No need to worry, YOU choose your weights, set your pace on the treads and work to your personal best (it’s not a competition!). All you need to do is work hard, clear your head and leave feeling better in less than an hour.

Each class promises to be unique and fun, featuring energetic instructors and upbeat music. To finish up, we always end each class with some well-deserved stretching.

Grab a friend. Lets go!