Our Instructors

They are ready to tackle anything that you throw at them.
Well, we’re talking figuratively, please no water bottles to the head!  We’ve done our homework and stick to the science behind the super efficient HIIT training benefits, while making your 50-minute workout buckets of sweaty fun.

Amanda V.

Amar K.

Ashley H.

Callison O.

Cathy K.

Christy P.

Claudina V.

Kristi B.

Tori T.

Sarah M.

Ready… Steady…

Instructor: Amanda

Amanda V.

Hometown: Baldwin City, Kansas.
Favorite pizza: Ummmm, anything? Pizza = life. Pepperoni is best though!
Can't pay me to eat: I mean, how much are we talking here?!
Favorite vacation: Florence, Italy.
Quote: Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods.

Instructor: Amar


Hometown: Seattle, Washington.
Favorite pizza: Pepperoni, olives, and onion -- the only pizza ❤️.
Can't pay me to eat: Pork rinds.
Favorite vacation: Maui.
Quote: This is a wonderful day, I’ve never seen this one before. - Maya Angelou

Instructor: Ashley

Ashley H.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite pizza: All the meats.
Can't pay me to eat: Cantaloupe.
Favorite vacation: Bend, Oregon.
Quote: Let it be.

Instructor: Callison

Callison O.

Hometown: Vashon Island.
Favorite pizza: Plain cheese.
Can't pay me to eat: Rhubarb ?.
Favorite vacation: Ometepe, Nicaragua.
Quote: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Instructor: Cathy

Cathy K.

Hometown: Federal Way, Washington.
Favorite pizza: No cheese….pepperoni, mushrooms and Mama Lil’s peppers.
Can't pay me to eat: Cheese. Any kind of cheese.
Favorite vacation: Hana, Hawai'i.
Quote: The true test of a person’s character is what he does when no one is watching.

Instructor: Christy


Hometown: Bellevue, Washington.
Favorite pizza: Prosciutto and arugula.
Can't pay me to eat: Less. Which is why I love HIIT Lab!
Favorite vacation: I've never met a vacation I didn't like. Mountains, beach, adventure, travel...I'll take them all!
Quote: No friends on a powder day!!

Instructor: Claudina


Hometown: Xalapa or Jalapa, Mexico (not the home of jalapeños).
Favorite pizza: Hawaiian ? Love me pineapples on my pizza ?.
Can't pay me to eat: Sardines ?.
Favorite vacation: Spain.
Quote: "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it what matters." - Epicteus

Instructor: Kristi

Kristi B.

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio.
Favorite pizza: Pepperoni and mushroom.
Can't pay me to eat: Peas.
Favorite vacation: Too many places to see to pick a favorite.
Fun fact: I played roller derby with Ohio roller derby then the Honolulu derby league for nine years!
Quote: Just Do It.

Instructor: Tori

Tori T.

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA (I'm a born and raised California girl, so let me know your fave PNW spots!)
Favorite pizza: Anything but pineapple and green bell peppers!
Can't pay me to eat: Oysters and mango, but only because I'm allergic. (Womp womp.)
Favorite vacation: Hawaii for the beaches. Paris for the food!
Quote: Always remember that you are stronger than you know.

Instructor: Sarah


Hometown: Seattle, Washington.
Favorite pizza: Pepperoni.
Can't pay me to eat: Anchovies.
Favorite vacation: Maui.
Quote: "When they go low, we go high." - Michelle Obama