Our Community

I came to HIIT Lab in need of a change in my lifestyle. I had spent so much of my energy on my family and my career that my body was starting to show signs of the neglect. I was attracted to HIIT Lab because the workout seemed different enough to be compelling but felt less intimidating than other alternatives. After two classes I was addicted to the variety of the workout, the quality of the instruction, and the positivity of the community. In just a few short months, I lost 20 pounds and had to update my entire wardrobe to accommodate the changes in my body. I feel invigorated and motivated to tackle goals I didn’t even dream of a year ago and look forward to every workout (even the ones at 6am).

Rory T.

After completing my residency and moving to Seattle a little over two years ago, I finally felt I had free time to use for something other than sleep! I bounced around to various group fitness classes for about six months before landing at HIIT Lab. I found a place I love going; it’s like going to hang out with my friends while getting a great workout in. There is a sense of accomplishment in completing something challenging, and a camaraderie formed with the people that completed it alongside of me. HIIT Lab has also inspired me to try something new and exciting as I will be starting soon as an instructor! The health benefits and weight loss are fringe benefits of making new friends and finding something I love to do! ❤️

Amanda V.T.

I cannot recommend HIIT Lab enough. HIIT Lab has changed the way I feel about “working out”. When they opened just over a year ago I was desperate for a class that I enjoyed and that actually delivered results. I wanted to work hard and feel great. After I attended my first class I was hooked. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. A year later I still look forward to each class and love how I feel afterward. The knowledgeable instructors kick your butt all while making sure you are doing every exercise safely and effectively. The results you see are amazing and so motivating. Lastly, and what I didn’t expect is the community. I’ve made some great friends and look forward to seeing everyone every time I go. Thank you HIIT Lab, I love you!

Britt P.

HIIT Lab continues to be my go to place to workout.  I come get a super efficient workout out of the way early in the morning several times a week.  As a mom of two small children this is the one hour in my day I only have to take care of myself.  The edge that HIIT Lab has over traditional gym fitness classes is a structured workout that includes core, strength training, cardio and stretching all jam packed into a full 60  minutes.  The coaches are all highly skilled.  Each of them have years of experience.  The small class sizes ensure they are able to encourage and support everyone to get a safe and effective workout accomplished.  The mobility and yoga classes provide a well rounded option to keep your body in top form!

Ange C.

I’ve been a regular ever at HIIT Lab in West Seattle since a friend referred me in fall of 2016. I appreciate so much about the gym – from the excellent and varied HIIT workouts led by the energetic and helpful instructors, to the state of the art equipment, to the other HIIT Lab’ers who smile as we sweat together! Cathy (the fantastic owner) has created a wonderful place to get fit in West Seattle – I’ve become much more lean and strong thanks to my HIIT workouts a few days a week, and I’m constantly referring my friends as well to join. Do a great thing for yourself and sign up today!
Jennifer L.

I learned about HIIT Lab from a friend. The location was really convenient for me so I decided to check it out. HIIT Lab’s program is very thoughtfully designed, with a great mix of cardio and strength training. As a runner, I find the use of treadmills and emphasis on speed work is highly complimentary with my fitness goals outside the studio. Her instructors are top notch and place a lot of importance on proper form. Since I started regularly attending classes, running injuries are less common for me and my fitness has definitely improved.
Nick W.

I heard about HIIT Lab from a coworker, and the first time I tried it I was hooked! HIIT Lab has changed my life, seriously. I have accomplished things I never thought I could since joining. I have decreased my mile run time and my benchmark workouts have improved, too. I feel stronger, leaner and faster. I love how HIIT Lab pushes me to my limits on the treadmill and then focuses on strengthening the body with floor work. I leave every class feeling accomplished, motivated, energized and happy. I always look forward to classes at HIIT Lab not only for the workout, but the positive and welcoming environment. The front desk employees and instructors are always there to help and answer any questions.  I have gained a lot more self confidence and positivity in my life. Thank you,HIIT Lab!

Tenasha T.

After a year of HIIT Lab I’ve gained muscle, lost inches and never felt better. I regularly ran but couldn’t seem to turn back the clock. Two times a week has completely changed my life. The staff is supportive, knowledgeable & inspiring. I’d be lost without them!


Theresa B.