About HIIT Lab

Aside from our super fun, sweat-inducing workouts, here’s a bit more about how this small studio with a big heart got started.

HIIT LAB was founded in 2016 by local West Seattleite Cathy Kerns. Having always had an affinity for health & fitness and past experience working for some of the biggest fitness franchises in the country, she left her career in corporate America behind to do something closer to her heart and home.

After commuting all around the city and beyond (Capitol Hill, SLU, Queen Anne, Redmond) looking for the best workouts (and working at several of them), I felt like West Seattle deserved a world class fitness experience. Instead of opening a franchise, I wanted to draw from all the best practices of the “big guys,” take out the stuff I didn’t like and infuse it with some extra local love.

My initial goal was to have a clean, sleek studio with loud, fun music and challenging workouts. What has come to fruition is a community of people who value their health and appreciate how much fun working out can be. I’m most proud of all the different types of clients who are part of the #HIITFam. I am so inspired by the wide ranges of ages, sizes, ethnicities, professions, etc. I get to see work hard and progress each day. I also wanted to reverse the sleazy reputation too many fitness companies have developed, almost like cable companies. There are so many annoying policies and cheesy marketing schemes that can leave a bad taste in your mouth. We’re not here to nickel and dime you or hand out empty promises of 6-pack abs in six weeks. We want to make ‘being a client’ the easy part, so you can put your focus on getting stronger and healthier without the added stress.

Lastly, running a small business is tough, whether in a pandemic, nine months pregnant relocating a studio or almost losing a finger in a treadmill (!!!). But if you surround yourself with great people, you can accomplish great things. I sincerely believe a rising tide lifts all boats so we partner regularly with other small, local, independent businesses and nonprofits like Grillbird, Macadons, Bohemian Studios, Westside Baby and WS Food Bank. West Seattle is at its best when we’re working to lift the boat together and give back to our community.

Thanks for learning a bit more about HIIT Lab and my story. I hope to meet you IRL soon!

Cathy Kerns, owner